The Sports Hound: 2014 NFL Mock Draft (3/22/14) – Round 1

With free agents starting to be signed by their respective teams and released players signing with new teams, it’s time to make some updates to the 2014 mock draft.  Free agency starts soon and the rumors are already swirling.  It’s that time of the year and this is when fans really get into GM mode and want to make Madden rosters for their teams.

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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1

1. Houston Texans - Blake Bortles QB/UCF

With the NFL Combine and Pro Day out of the way for Bortles, I still think he did enough to warrant this pick by the Texans.  He’s actually #3 on my QB board, but he just seems to have that “swag” factor!  I hate the word “swag” btw!  I think it’s between Bortles and Clowney for this pick.  No one else is in the mix for me, well besides Watkins.

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins) - Greg Robinson OT/Auburn

As appealing as Watkins may be to the Rams, protecting Bradford is too much of a bigger need.  By the luck of a failed physical Saffold returned, but they need a lot more work.  With the recent law issues facing Lewan, there may not be a top prospect available with their 2nd pick.  Robinson is the best prospect at this position.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Teddy Bridgewater QB/Louisville

The Jaguars surprised everyone and traded away Gabbert and re-signed Henne.  They still need their QB of the future.  Bridgewater is the #1 QB on my board and I think he could benefit sitting out a season to learn behind a vet like Henne.  He may be thrust into the starting lineup, but he’d be a perfect fit for this team.

4. Cleveland Browns - Sammy Watkins WR/Clemson

With the top two prospects at QB off the board and the top OT, Watkins is the best available prospect.  The Browns have been rumored to want him and not be too high on the top QB’s in the draft.  Pairing Watkins with Gordon, Cameron, Hawkins and Tate has big time potential all over it.

5. Oakland Raiders - Jadeveon Clowney DE/South Carolina

The Raiders haven’t had a lot of connections to Clowney in the process, but with their off-season moves and the top players being off the board this makes too much sense.  The top QB’s are off the board and the recent infatuation with Carr may be too hard to jump on this high in the draft.  They signed Tuck in FA, but he’s not on Clowney’s level even at this point.

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6. Atlanta Falcons - Khalil Mack DE-OLB/Buffalo

Mack has made a name for himself during the pre-draft process at the combine and his pro day.  His name has been mentioned as the #1 overall pick so for him to be here at #6 for the Falcons is big.  They need to upgrade their defense and pray the offensive players stay healthy so they can again be a contender.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Anthony Barr DE-OLB/UCLA

With Lovie Smith coaching the team, I am starting to believe that he’ll just continue to build that defense.  They have plenty of talent and he’s a great defensive mind.  This defense has the potential to be scary.  I think he’ll ride with Glennon at QB….I mean he used Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton to make it to a Super Bowl in Chicago.

8. Minnesota Vikings - Derek Carr QB/Fresno State

After Carr’s impressive Pro Day, it is believed that there is no way he gets past the Vikings at #8.  They resigned Cassell, but he’s not the QB of the future.  Carr could be another option at sitting out this year to learn the NFL’s game and have a chance at being very successful in the future.

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9. Buffalo Bills - Jake Matthews OT/Texas A&M

The Bills lost Byrd, but were able to re-sign Williams at S.  They already had some talent on the defensive side of the roster and added some more in free agency.  The ability to protect their QB is vital where Matthews could take over at LT and they could move Glenn back to the right side where he belongs.

10. Detroit Lions - Darqueze Dennard CB/Michigan State

With the addition of Tate in free agency, the Lions can look to address another position of need.  They have gotten subpar at best play in the secondary and Dennard could be a fit for them here.  Mathis is a free agent and also not the same guy he was back in his prime.

11. Tennessee Titans - Mike Evans WR/Texas A&M

This is tough pick.  The Titans lost their top CB last season in Verner so that position could be addressed.  They also may have given up on Locker being their future QB.  This is one of those uncertain picks where I think they just go with one of the BPA.  Evans would give their QB a big target in the passing game.

12. New York Giants - Marqise Lee WR/USC

The Giants need help all across the board on the defensive side of the ball.  They also will most likely be losing Hakeem Nicks to free agency.  I like Randle, but I think Lee gives Eli another weapon and is better.

13. St. Louis Rams - Hasean Clinton-Dix FS/Alabama

The Rams upgraded their offensive line with the first pick.  Now they look to upgrade their secondary.  They have a young and talented core already, but this pick makes them better.  Clinton-Dix starts from day 1.

14. Chicago Bears - Aaron Donald DT/Pittsburgh

With almost every one of their DT’s going into free agency, the Bears may have to make a move.  I’m sure many teams have a different ranking for the top DT’s, but Donald seems like the best fit for this team.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Taylor Lewan OT/Michigan

Big Ben can’t continue to run for his life.  He’s been in the league too long and has taken too many hits.  Lewan is the best OT left on the board and will come in from day 1 and protect Ben’s blind side.  His recent legal issues may cause concern for a team to draft him early now.

16. Dallas Cowboys - Timmy Jernigan DT/Florida State

With Jason Hatcher headed to free agency and a big whole at DT, Jernigan would be a great fit.  Last year, Jerry Jones surprised everyone by taking a C early on.  As we saw, it was a great pick.  Jernigan would help DeMarcus Ware and George Selvie attack the QB.

17. Baltimore Ravens - C.J. Mosley ILB/Alabama

As much as I would hate this pick, it just fits perfectly.  Mosley, who I see having a great career can follow in the steps of the great Ray Lewis in the middle.  Personally, I think he’ll be great from day 1 and give that defense some of the fire Lewis brought to the game.

18. New York Jets - Eric Ebron TE/North Carolina

The Jets need just about every position on offense.  They drafted Geno Smith last year, but it was obvious early that he had no weapons.  Ebron dropping to them gives Smith a big target to help with recently signed WR Decker.  Their upgrades on defense last season and surprise play this year could vault them into the playoffs next season.

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19. Miami Dolphins - Zack Martin OT/Notre Dame

Even with the addition of Albert at LT, the Dolphins still need help on the offensive line.  Martin can come in and man the right side to give them a very improved OL this season.  They went money crazy in free agency again, but this year the playoffs could be very much in sight.

20. Arizona Cardinals - Xavier Su’a-Filo OG/UCLA

The Cardinals have been busy this off-season and have made some solid moves.  Signing Velheer to play LT was a great move and adding Su’a-Filo to place next to him could give the Cardinals a dynamic OL.

21. Green Bay Packers - Louis Nix DT/Notre Dame

With Ryan Pickett going into free agency and his age, Nix comes in and takes over at the NT position immediately.  With the Packers working to re-sign B.J. Raji, he and Nix would form a scary front.  They have quite a few guys on the defensive line going into free agency, so it must be addressed.

22. Philadelphia Eagles - Kony Ealy DE/Missouri

The Eagles made moves to help in their secondary and special teams.  They already have a very dangerous offense and added Sproles.  Now they attempt to address their pass rushing situation.  Last season they didn’t get enough consistent pressure on opposing QB’s and I believe a fresh rotation of Cole, Barwin and Graham could make some noise this year.

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23. Kansas City Chiefs - Calvin Pryor FS/Louisville

Hearing plenty of rumors that the Chiefs are looking to trade back, but if not I think they just go BPA.  Pryor is the BPA and fills a need.  Paired with Berry, Flowers and Smith in the secondary, they could quickly have one of the best units in the league.

24. Cincinnati Bengals - Justin Gilbert CB/Oklahoma State

With Pacman and Newman getting up there in age, it’s time for the Bengals to completely revamp that secondary.  Gilbert is one of the top CB’s in the draft and gives the Bengals immediate help.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bengals picked a QB here honestly.  This is Dalton’s last year to prove himself IMO.

25. San Diego Chargers - Jason Verrett CB/TCU

The Chargers had a breakout season.  They were one of the worst teams in passing defense though.  Verrett is small, but he’s a big time playmaker and immediately upgrades a horrible secondary.

26. Cleveland Browns (from Indianapolis Colts) - Kyle Fuller CB/Virginia Tech

Going offense with their first pick, I can easily see them going offense here as well.  Unfortunately, the top offensive prospects are off the board and they already took Watkins at WR.  Therefore, they look to fill one of their final needs on defense at CB.  Fuller could be a great compliment to Haden in Pettine’s defense.

27. New Orleans Saints - Johnny Manziel QB/Texas A&M

There has been recent rumors swirling that the Saints may look at QB early in the draft to groom as Brees successor.  Surprise, surprise, the Saints have their “future” QB.  It’s no doubt that Manziel has tons of talent and there is probably no other QB in the league better to learn from.  He’s about the same size as Brees and will have time to develop and not be thrust out into a bad situation.

28. Carolina Panthers - Jordan Matthews WR/Vanderbilt

The Panthers are on the right track to competing for a title.  They have made great moves on the defensive end.  Now it’s time to find more weapons for Cam Newton.  They lost their top 3 targets in the off-season and Matthews would be a starter from day 1.  Matthews is my 3rd ranked WR behind Watkins and Lee and I think he’ll prove he’s that good right away.

29. New England Patriots - Jace Amaro – TE/Texas Tech

With Gronk’s latest injury history and lack of talent at the position.  Amaro quickly gives Brady another weapon at one of his favorite positions to throw to.

30. San Francisco 49ers - Brandin Cooks WR/Oregon State

Cooks made his way up many draft boards with his combine performance.  I think that may have snuck him into the first round of the draft.  He could be a big time weapon on this offense with their rushing attack.  Don’t forget that Marcus Lattimore is supposed to be ready this season.

31. Denver Broncos - David Yankey OG/Stanford

The Broncos were extremely busy in the off-season with big signings left and right.  They addressed all the areas they lost in free agency, except at guard.  Yankey is a great fit to play on Manning’s OL.

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32. Seattle Seahawks - Odell Beckham, Jr. WR/LSU

The Super Bowl champions have the luxury of picking the best guy they feel is available or reaching.  They lost Tate and Rice in the off-season and need to maintain Wilson’s weapons on the outside.  Beckham dropping to them would be a great addition.  They could also look at CB here as well.

  • Cards Fan

    Cards are never going to draft an OG in the 1st, or the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th. Where on earth did you get that idea? Have you even watched them, or did a buddy pass that one on to you *lol*. They need speed rushers at OLB & big safeties who can cover, if they don’t sign Michael Huff or Eric Winston.

    • DaStrongSKRAWN

      Didn’t they draft J. Cooper in the top 10 last year? Doubt they will draft another OG in the first this year.

  • losher

    you have justin gilbert falling really far in this mock and there is no reason to believe he is going to slip that far. he wont fall that far especially with his numbers from the combne being so great combined with his height and weight.