The Sports Hound: 2013 NFL Mock Draft 3.2 (Post Free Agency)

This is my post free agency mock.


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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Round 1


1. Kansas City Chiefs - Luke Joeckel OT/Texas A&M

It was a smart move for the Chiefs to bring Albert back, whether they keep him or not.  The #1 pick if kept will be on either Joeckel or Fisher, whoever they like better.  For a 2 win team last season, this roster is stacked and Alex Smith will be safe as long as he’s in Kansas City.  OT or trade, no other options at this point after a solid free agency period.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jarvis Jones OLB/Georgia

After a poor free agency, the Jags still need someone to help in their pass rush.  If the reports are true and team doctors clear Jones, he is the best option regardless of what position he “supposedly” plays.  I see many other mocks having Dion Jordan as the pick here and I honestly don’t feel he is worthy of a top 10 pick in this draft.  He may eventually make me eat my words, but I’m not sold on a productive NFL career.  Jones is the best option if healthy.

3. Oakland Raiders - Shariff Floyd DT/Florida

With Seymour and Bryant on their way out, the Raiders are in desperate need of a DT.  Floyd has jumped over Lotulelei with an impressive combine and Lotulelei’s heart concerns.  Floyd can come in and be disruptive in the backfield from Day 1 and also help against the run.  Milliner is an option here if the Floyd is off the board, because the secondary is weak and hasn’t been good since Asomugha was on the team.

4. Philadelphia Eagles - Eric Fisher OT/Central Michigan

I think the Eagles free agency moves pretty much made this as easy a choice if there ever was one.  Peters and Herremans are both over 30 and coming off season ending injuries.  Dunlap and Bell were let go and they need someone to protect whoever the QB is next season.  Milliner could still be an option, but is less likely at this point.

5. Detroit Lions - Bjoern Werner DE/Florida State

The Lions have to address their pass rush with Avril leaving as a free agent and Vanden Bosch being released.  Suh and Fairley are still manning the middle and the right pieces on the outside would drastically upgrade the defense.  Werner could be an explosive force next to Suh with teams having to pay attention to Suh’s inside rushing abilities.

This pick has become a little more difficult to decide.  Werner seems like the perfect fit here, but with Backus retiring and Cherilus leaving an OT is a big need now.  Reiff was the top pick last season, but no one is sure he can be a LT in this league yet.  Lane Johnson could be an option here.

6. Cleveland Browns - Dee Milliner CB/Alabama

Based on the lack of true CB interest in free agency, I think the Browns are banking on Milliner being available.  Brent Grimes has been a name linked as of lately, but he’s going to be 30 this season and coming off an achilles injury.  Not the future of the position if you ask me.  Milliner, Haden and Ward would give the Browns a very dangerous secondary to add with a stout front seven.

7. Arizona Cardinals - Geno Smith QB/West Virginia

With the lack of moves to address the offensive line I still believe that’s an option, but Smith has to be the pick here.  Johnson could be looked at here as well as Warmack, but with a chance for a “franchise QB” it’s no way the Cardinals can pass this opportunity up.  It’s clear what that guy can do for a team, just ask the Colts, Redskins and Seahawks.  They might have to trade up to get Smith with the way teams are drooling over a scripted Pro Day.  Why wouldn’t he look good?

8. Buffalo Bills - Cordarrelle Patterson WR/Tennessee

Warmack should be an easy pick right here for the Bills, especially with the loss of Levitre.  I don’t feel another QB is worth taking at this point, but there are other solid guards in the draft.  I just think Patterson is too good a prospect to pass up pairing with Johnson at WR. Whoever the QB is next season will immediately have an upgraded WR corps as well as two great RB’s…..when healthy.

Previous pick: Chance Warmack

9. New York Jets - Dion Jordan OLB/Oregon

Like I said above, I don’t believe Jordan is a top 10 worthy pick, but Rex Ryan has no sense when it comes to drafting.  The defense needs to be fixed immediately….ohhhh and so does the offense.  This team is possibly heading for the #1 pick next season and the QB of their choice.  After letting Pouha and Devito walk, the defensive line needs help and I still haven’t heard any news about Lotulelei’s heart condition which isn’t good for him at all.

Richardson, Mingo, Ansah, Vaccaro and even Austin are options here for this unpredictable team.

Previous pick: Star Lotulelei

10. Tennessee Titans - Ezekial Ansah DE/BYU

Warmack is an option here, but with the amount of money they spent on Levitre I just can’t see them drafting a OG.  The offensive line still could be upgraded in my opinion, but I think the look BPA on the defensive side.  I liked the Wilson and Hill signings, but they could use help with their pass rush.  Ansah is the answer here, unless teams find out he’s really older than he says.

Previous pick: Lane Johnson

11. San Diego Chargers - Chance Warmack OG/Alabama

The Chargers lost their best offensive linemen and signed Dunlap from the Eagles who stinks.  They need to add arguably the best player in the draft who drops right into their lap.  Johnson could also be an option, but Warmack is much better a prospect.  This team has too many holes to fill and a CB, DL and LB are all in play here as well.

Previous pick: Dion Jordan

12. Miami Dolphins - Xavier Rhodes CB/Florida State

With all the fire power added on offense and the loss of Smith in free agency the Dolphins can replace their big CB with another one.  Rhodes will come in and be a starter right away.  He is also a good piece to add to that defense, especially with an offense that could be explosive and put a lot of points on the board.  Johnson could be an option here as well to replace Long.

Previous pick: Cordarrelle Patterson

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Desmond Trufant CB/Washington

I’m still convinced the Bucs will add Trufant to the much improved secondary in the draft.  Biggers is gone and they need help at CB.  Trufant is the best option here although offensive line and a pass rusher is needed.

14. Carolina Panthers - Lane Johnson OT/Oklahoma

Vaccaro is probably a need pick more than anything at this point, but with Johnson still on the board it’s too tough to pass up.  Gross is getting up there in age and Johnson would be Newton’s protector of the future.

Previous pick: Kenny Vaccaro

15. New Orleans Saints - Barkevious Mingo OLB/LSU

Mingo is the best pass rusher available and Rob Ryan will jump all over him.  The Saints have Sean Payton back at coach so expect the offense to be back to dangerous.  The defense needs playmakers on it and the addition of Lewis at CB was a solid pickup.  I actually like the defensive line and ILB’s on the team so an OLB is what is needed most, besides a new LT.

Previous pick: Ezekial Ansah

16. St. Louis Rams - Tavon Austin WR/West Virginia

With the addition of Long on the offensive line, the Rams are much better up front.  The problem is both of their starting receivers are on new teams.  Austin gives Bradford the best weapon available on the board and with help fans quickly forget about Amendola.  Cooper and Vaccaro are other options.

Previous pick: Jonathan Cooper

17. Pittsburgh Steelers - D.J. Fluker OT/Alabama

The Steelers let Starks walk in free agency and they need to give Big Ben more protection.  He can’t continue running for his life if they plan on competing for another championship.  Fluker also give the team a much needed boost with his ability to help the run.  Defensive line could also be an option here or another guard.

Previous pick: Alec Ogletree

18.  Dallas Cowboys - Kenny Vaccaro S/Texas

The Cowboys need to upgrade their offensive line again this year, but I don’t think Jerry Jones will do it.  If Vaccaro wasn’t on the board, I think they would look at Cooper.  The Cowboys just haven’t had a good safety in forever and they also need playmakers on that defense.

Previous pick: Sheldon Richardson

19. New York Giants - Star Lotulelei DT/Utah

With both Bernard and Canty leaving in free agency, even with the addition of Jenkins DT still is a bigiiii need.  Lotulelei is too good to pass up at this point as long he’s cleared to play any type of football.  This is still up in the air for me and if I don’t hear anything soon about his heart condition he could drop completely off my board.  Richardson is also an option here.

Previous pick: Kawann Short

20. Chicago Bears - Alec Ogletree ILB/Georgia

With the addition of Bushrod in free agency, OT is not their biggest need anymore.  Replacing their future Hall of Famer Urlacher becomes the new need and the switch to a 3-4 scheme opens the door right up for Ogletree to come in.  Safety could also be an option here as well.

Previous pick: D.J. Fluker

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Matt Elam SS/Florida

The Bengals need an OT, but I don’t think anyone is worth a pick who’s available.  Watson has been rising up the draft boards, but I can’t take that risk in the 1st round.  If Smith isn’t resigned it will hurt, but safety is a big need for them.  Elam can be the guy they thought Mays was gonna be coming out of USC.

Previous pick: Keenan Allen

22. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)  - Jonathan Cooper OG/North Carolina

Eifert was a lock to be picked by the Rams before they signed Cook in free agency.  Now they need to give Bradford more protection and weapons.  It works out great for them adding both Austin and Cooper in the 1st round.  The Redskins benefited by getting RG3 last season, but the Rams are still benefiting from that trade.

Previous pick: Tyler Eifert

23. Minnesota Vikings - Sheldon Richardson DT/Missouri

With the addition of Jennings in free agency, I think the Vikings can hold off on another WR.  He’s an UPGRADE over Harvin and I don’t care who disagrees.  Harvin is explosive, but obviously they need more than that plus he was a headache.  Richardson is an explosive force on the defensive line and will be perfect for them as Williams is getting up there in age.

Previous pick: Justin Hunter

24. Indianapolis Colts  - Keenan Allen WR/California

Even though Wayne had a great season, he is 34 and not getting any younger.  Hilton also was impressive, but they need to start looking towards the future and Allen is a perfect compliment to what they are trying to do on offense.  Luck will be excited to get another weapon.  The addition of Cherilus, Landry and Walden were all solid moves so OT, S and OLB aren’t a need in my eyes.

Previous pick: Barkevious Mingo

25. Minnesota Vikings (from Seattle Seahawks)  - Justin Hunter WR/Tennessee

The Vikings get an extra 1st rounder in the Harvin trade.  They get to add a top defensive lineman and still get a pretty good WR.  Hunter and Jennings will be a dynamic duo for Ponder….or Cassell to throw to.  AP may actually be able to break the record this season.

Previous pick: Seahawks – Barrett Jones

26. Green Bay Packers  - Travis Frederick C/Wisconsin

The Packers didn’t do anything good except lose players in free agency.  Their biggest loss was the retirement of Jeff Saturday.  I’m sure Rodgers would love to have a new anchor of the offensive line being a Wisconsin linemen.  When I think of them all I can hear is DJ Khaled in the background screaming “All we do is block!”

Previous pick: Matt Elam

27. Houston Texans  - Kevin Minter ILB/LSU

With Brian Cushing coming off a season ending injury and Bradie James, Barrett Ruud and Conner Barwin being free agents they can’t keep everyone.  Minter would be a great fit for an already great defense.

28. Denver Broncos  - Johnathan Cyprien SS/Florida International

With the additions of Welker and Vasquez on offense and Knighton and Rodgers-Cromartie on defense the Broncos are in a good position to take the BPA.  Cyprien is probably not the BPA, but he is an upgrade at the safety position.

Previous pick: Tavon Austin

29. New England Patriots  - Johnathan Hankins DT/Ohio State

The Patriots and Bill Belichick never do what anyone expects them to do in the draft except pick the right players.  Wilfork is getting up there in age and Love is very good, but another disruptive force in the middle couldn’t hurt.

Previous pick: Robert Woods

30. Atlanta Falcons  - Datone Jones DE/UCLA

The Falcons got Gonzalez to come back for at least one more season.  TE could still be picked here with the talent of the guys available, but their pass rush needs help especially with Abraham on his way out.  Jones is a typical 4-3 DE and also shows versatility to move around on the line which could be beneficial.

Previous pick: Xavier Rhodes

31. San Francisco 49ers  - Tyler Eifert TE/Notre Dame

The 49ers let Walker leave in free agency and also added Boldin through a trade.  The offense just keeps getting better for Kaepernick as Davis gets paired with the top TE in this draft.  Ertz is also an option simply because of the Harbaugh ties.

Previous pick: Zach Ertz

32. Baltimore Ravens  - Damontre Moore OLB/Texas A&M

The Ravens basically lost their entire defense from last season.  Anyone with any type of talent will do.  Moore was projected to be a top 10 pick before a horrible combine.  Can’t hurt the Ravens at this point.


Daniel’s 2013 NFL Mock Draft - Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 3 / Round 4 / Round 5 / Round 6 / Round 7

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  • Kyle-Carpet Cleaning Fargo

    Can’t wait for the draft, I think their will be another QB taken as it is the most overdrafted position and too many teams need one, will be lots of trades in the middle to late 1st round.

    • Daniel Trawick

      Yes I agree with you. I think there will be at least 5 trades in the 1st round which will completely alter everyone’s mocks. It’s exciting for me to see what teams do.

  • cuh

    There’s no way pittsburgh picks a lineman early this year. They drafted Mike Adams last year and they got Marcus Gilbert the year before that. They are set on the O-line

    • Daniel Trawick

      Hey you can’t forget about DeCastro last year as well. He was injured all season and is coming back. Adams is trash and shouldn’t have been picked up that early last season. They are not set on O-line and need better players. Big Ben needs protection and yes the defense needs players too.