The Sports Hound: 2013 NFL Mock Draft 1.0

The order of the mock draft is in reflection of the official draft order.

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1. Kansas City Chiefs - Geno Smith QB/West Virginia

This is definitely a reach, because Smith is not the top prospect in the draft and probably isn’t the top QB prospect on a lot of peoples drafts boards.  Yet with Andy Reid in charge of the Chiefs and the amount of talent they already have on the team, I think Reid goes out and gets his McNabb version 2.0.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Star Lotulelei DT/Utah

The Jaguars have a lot of questions on their roster, but they also have many weapons on the offensive side of the ball.  After drafting Blackmon last season and the emergence of Shorts, they just need to find the right QB.  I don’t think they’ll pick one in this draft, but instead focus on the defensive side of the ball.  The Jags need to get back to the style of defense they had when they were successful a few years back.  Studs in the middle of the defensive line making it tough for opposing offenses to do anything.

3. Oakland Raiders - Dee Milliner CB/Alabama

The Raiders need a QB and they could look to draft one here.  It might be best for them to grab one through free agency and hope their investment in Pryor pays off next season.  Milliner is one of the top prospects in the draft and is a definite upgrade over who they put on the field now.  One of the possible can’t miss prospects.

4. Philadelphia Eagles - Jarvis Jones OLB/Georgia

With high picks used on the defensive line last year and Graham starting to produce they don’t use a pick there.  Also, with a new coach coming in some players may not be safe and the offensive line will be healthy and should be a top unit next year.  Jones fits a new and could possibly be the best player available.

5. Detroit Lions - Keenan Allen WR/California

The Lions have been known to use high draft picks on WR’s and Megatron definitely needs help.  On the defensive side of the ball, they weren’t bad just undisciplined and gave up too many big plays.  They need help in the secondary, but I think are better suited going after a CB in the 2nd round.

6. Cleveland Browns - Chance Warmack OG/Alabama

It’s probably not smart to draft a guard this high in the draft, but depending on the the new coaching staff it’s a toss up right now.  It’s so many directions the team can go, yet the best possible pick addressing both need and best player available is Warmack.

7. Arizona Cardinals - Luke Joeckel OT/Texas A&M

Joeckel slips down the board a bit simply because of circumstances, but for the Cardinals an OT is a no brainer decision for them to make no matter who the coach is.

8. Buffalo Bills - Bjoern Werner DE/Florida State

Even though the Bills spent a lot of money last season on the DE position, I find it hard to pass up on either Werner or Moore.  Anderson didn’t have a great season and Merriman isn’t the same guy.  I could see them looking QB here as well, but with Marrone as the new head coach I think Fitzpatrick could be in his plans.

9. New York Jets - Manti Te’o ILB/Notre Dame

With Scott and Harris losing a step and Ryan wanting to get his defense back to a top level unit, Te’o is a great fit for the team.  I think he’s a perfect fit and would quickly turn the defense around, especially with the studs they have on the defensive line.

10. Tennessee Titans - Johnathan Hankins DT/Ohio State

The Titans lost their mojo when Albert Haynesworth left in free agency.  Hankins is possibly a better prospect at DT and can turn that defense around immediately.  The jury is still out on Jake Locker so QB could be an option here and the offensive line could use a lot of help as well.  I just feel Hankins is too good to pass up right here.

11. San Diego Chargers - Taylor Lewan OT/Michigan

Philip Rivers is a very good QB, but I think he should be out.  The new coaching staff I’m sure will think they’re smart enough to work with Rivers and get a better result out of the team.  They need to give him better protection up front and Lewan is the best tackle available.

12. Miami Dolphins - Justin Hunter WR/Tennessee

After a surprise season from the Dolphins and a very stout defense, they look to give Tannehill more weapons.  Hunter is an all-around receiver and would open things up for Tannehill and Bush.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Johnthan Banks CB/Mississippi State

The Buccaneers had the worst pass defense in the NFL and Banks would fill a big need.  He is also a player rated high on many boards and would be a great addition to the defense.  Xavier Rhodes is also an option here.

14. Carolina Panthers - Damontre Moore DE/Texas A&M

Safety is a big need to fill, but it might be too high to draft one of the prospects this year.  Moore would be a great pairing with Charles Johnson and would be a miracle for him to be on the board at this point.

15. New Orleans Saints - Dion Jordan DE/Oregon

The Saints defense is horrible and yes they had a lot of issues this past seasons from suspensions to injuries.  Their defense is aging and they need to get pressure on opposing QB’s.  Jordan could either replace Will Smith or play opposite him and give them help that’s needed.

16. St. Louis Rams - Jake Matthews OT/Texas A&M

The Rams have upgraded their defense last season and are a fierce unit.  They need to work on protecting Bradford more and giving him more weapons, especially with Steven Jackson possibly retiring.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers - Barkevious Mingo OLB/LSU

Mingo is the type of player the Steelers would love to have.  Their defense is getting old and Mingo dropping to them would be a gift.

18.  Dallas Cowboys - Mike Glennon QB/NC State

Glennon is a name to watch for and even though Jerry Jones is in love with Romo, you have to look toward the future.  After strong moves on the defensive side of the ball last season, it’s time to start grooming a legit replacement.

19. New York Giants - Sam Montgomery DE/LSU

Osi might be out of New York this season and JPP needs some help.  The defensive line is slowing down a bit and could use help.  The secondary could see a look with this pick as well.

20. Chicago Bears - Eric Fisher OT/Central Michigan

The Bears biggest weakness is the offensive line and with a new coaching staff coming in they need to protect Cutler and give him more weapons.

21. Cincinnati Bengals - Robert Woods WR/USC

After an impressive campaign from the defense and upgrading the offensive line last season, the Bengals need to give Dalton more help.  Sanu was coming on until his injury, but Woods would make an immediate impact and fit perfectly opposite Green.

22. Minnesota Vikings - Cordarrelle Patterson WR/Tennessee

Coming off a surprising playoff run this season on the back of Adrian Peterson, the Vikings need to give him help.  Harvin is not enough and Ponder could another WR.  Patterson would be a great compliment to what the Vikings have already.

23. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins) * - Tyler Eifert TE/Notre Dame

With all the picks the Rams acquired from the Redskins last season for RG3, they can go so many directions to re-building their franchise.  Eifert gives Bradford a much needed safety blanket in the middle of the field and can also stretch the field with his athletic abilities.

24. Baltimore Ravens * - Alec Ogletree ILB/Georgia

It’s official that Ray Lewis will retire and they find a great replacement.

25. Indianapolis Colts * - Sylvester Williams DT/North Carolina

After switching to a 3-4 defense this season, they need to start building up the right players to fit.  Williams would open things up for Freeney and Mathis to be more effective in this system.

26. Seattle Seahawks * - Barrett Jones OL/Alabama

The Seahawks have one of the scariest defenses in the NFL and Lynch has been able to find an awful lot of rushing lanes.  Upgrading the offensive line with the most versatile player available is a great move in my opinion.

27. Green Bay Packers * - D.J. Fluker OT/Alabama

Aaron Rodgers have been on his back more than anyone this season and Newhouse is not the answer at LT.  Fluker is a big guy and very talented and would be an immediate upgrade.

28. San Francisco 49ers * - Terrence Williams WR/Baylor

I wasn’t a fan of the Jenkins pick last season and he hasn’t done much this year.  Randy Moss hasn’t shown much either, yet Crabtree had a break out year.  With all the talent on the team, they still need another WR for Kaepernick moving forward.

29. Houston Texans * - Eric Reid S/LSU

The Texans have a great defense and one of the best, if not the best front 7.  They still aren’t great in the secondary and could use either a CB or S.  Reid would be a great addition to such a dangerous defense.

30. New England Patriots * - Da’Rick Rogers WR/Tennessee Tech

With Welker and contract issues uncertain at the moment, Belichick needs to give Brady another weapon.  I would have possibly picked a CB here, but with Talib it’s no need to.

31. Atlanta Falcons * - Zach Ertz TE/Stanford

The greatest TE to ever play the game is nearing the end of his career, although his statistics aren’t showing it.  Ertz would give Ryan another weapon while allowing them to move toward the future without Gonzalez.

32. Denver Broncos * - Tavon Austin WR/West Virginia

Austin is a versatile weapon that would give Manning another option in the slot with Stokley aging.


* Subject to playoffs

  • Rob

    Jake Mathews is going back to A&M

    • TheSportsHound

      Thanks for that info. I’ll have to update that.

  • MStewart9

    Nice mock draft list, but it is way too early to be predicting who goes where. Once the combines are completed, we’ll have a better idea on who goes where.

    • TheSportsHound

      Thank you, but it’s never too early to start predicting. The combine process will give a better idea of where teams go and what players raise or drop their stock. There will be plenty of mocks throughout the process.

    • Jkross

      You must not visit mock draft websites very often. Mock drafts are already out for 2014. But your right, once the combines are complete the mock drafts should be a little more accurate.

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  • David Taylor

    Yea there are alot of directions the Browns could go at 6 but OG isn’t one of them.

    • Daniel Trawick

      It’s hard to have a better idea until the coach is picked. They could look at DE or even QB. G is their biggest need aside from CB, but Milliner is off the board in this mock and Warmack is probably rated high enough to take that “Chance.”

  • Jkross

    Titans: A DT is perhaps the Titans least needed position! They have a lot of young talent there. What the Titans need is two new safeties, OL and a dynamic pass rusher. Moore would be a much better selection. You totally lost me when you said the Titans could draft a new QB…you lose all credibility with that comment. Locker has only 11 starts, every other single young QB the last several years have very similar stats.

    • Daniel Trawick

      Yes I agree the OL needs help, but Morgan isn’t bad and they spent money on Wimbley last off-season so DE doesn’t make sense for me there. Also, safety is a probably a reach at #10 so the 2nd round is better to use a pick on one.

      Locker has 11 starts in 2 years and played in 16 games. In comparison, Blaine Gabbert has 24 starts in 25 games with similar #’s, yet his future is in question. If AP didn’t carry the Vikings Ponder’s job would be in question too. It’s just the way of the NFL nowadays.

      • Jkross

        I agree, Titans 2nd pick should be Safety if the value is there. Morgan improved, & Wimbley wasnt as good as advertised but neither had more than 6.5 sacks. Titans have Zero depth at DE & lack a dynamic pass rusher. Adding Moore would help their poor secondary play as well. And true, today’s NFL is less patient, but Locker needs at least one full year of starting, without dealing with injuries before they would consider taking another QB. And there is a huge difference between Gabbert and Locker on the eyeball test and even on the stat sheet. No logical analyst would say give up on Locker at this moment but almost all would say its time to move on from Gabbert.

        • Daniel Trawick

          Depth is one thing, but the money spent on the position now when they could address other needs might be a risk. Also by the time the draft comes Moore and Werner most likely will be off the board by their pick anyway. And you’re right about the eye test, but that crop of QB’s from that draft class have underachiever written over it to me.

          • Jkross

            Enjoying the discussion! Your right the Titans are usually thrifty but they do have more cap room than just about every other team in the league & Bud was willing to cash out on Manning & word was we were going to go for Mario initially. We’ve been trying to get that dynamic pass rusher since Kearse but it hasnt happened. If Hankins was as disruptive as Kearse or Haynesworth then I’d take him in a heartbeat. Having a dynamic player on the DL would help the whole team, free up our other DL & LB to make plays & in turn improve our secondary play, (That was the last time Griffin was any good) So I am just hoping for an impact player on the DL, preferably a pass rushing one, we have good, young talent at DT, Marks, Casey, Martin, and Klug –> who doesn’t get enough snaps as it is! (And he should; he lead our team with 7 sacks last year, more proof of needing a dynamic pass rusher) We need a guy who can get 12 + sacks a year. That means Moore, Werner or Mingo if they are there, if not, then I wouldnt be against a dynamic DT. But I’d rather have OL instead, someone like Warmack, our OL needs serious help for Locker and CJ’s sake. Harris and Amano are awful, Roos broke his leg, is getting older and so is Stewart, Hutch should retire.

          • Daniel Trawick

            Thank you, I enjoy the interaction. It all depends on how the draft unfolds and how their board is set. One thing you may be spot on with is if they do want Locker to be their guy, they need to protect him better. A top OL could be available there, but they could also grab a starting caliber OL early in the 2nd round like Fluker, Jones, Lane Johnson or Cooper. If they feel Hankins can be that disruptive and open things up for Wimbley then they might pull the trigger.

  • 123Star

    Let it be said loud and clear, New England Patriots will win this up coming Super Bowl.
    Brady gets MVP Award. Now just watch and enjoy !!!


    WR at the fifth pick???? Have you every watched a draft? He’s not a super star. He’ll go the second day. You have wayyyyy too many WR’s going in the first round. Seems like Dion Jordan will go a lot quicker than 15th…..

    • Daniel Trawick

      Yes I have watched the draft, have you? I know Matt Millen isn’t in control in Detroit anymore, but Megatron needs help. The WR corps is very talented this season and has at least 6 possible 1st round talents. Justin Blackmon went 5 last year and there were 3 more WR’s picked in the 1st round.

      Also Jordan, Werner and Moore could all possibly go top 10.

      • JSHAWL

        The Lions drafted Broyles last year, which will serve as number 2 or 3. Did you forget Titus Young? he’s got an awful attitude yes, but Detroit is in way too much of a bind salary cap wise to let him go. On top of that, Allen is NOT NOT NOT the caliber of Justin Blackmon. 2 WR tops go first round…… All three Jordan, Werner, and Moore will go before Allen.

        • Daniel Trawick

          Allen and Hunter are comparable in talent to Blackmon. They may be a reach that high, but Broyles and Young mean nothing to me….sorry. And yes they all may go before Allen/Hunter.

          • shawlj

            You know what you’re right. The Lions should draft a 6’3″ possession style WR, that way him and Calvin can just share reps on the outside…..They will not pass on Werner if he’s there. They have 2 DE’s that are FA’s next year and a restructure to do with Vanden Bosch. I respect that your Mock isn’t direct copies of everyone elses……but it needs work.

          • Daniel Trawick

            Avril will be re-signed and I agree on Vaden Bosch, but their biggest holes on defense is in the secondary. And YES they should draft another possession style receiver simply because all they have is CJ. The Lions are best suited to trade back in the draft this year honestly.

          • JSHAWL

            your statement would be one billion percent logical, yes a LATE round possession WR would make sense. A trade back would make a LOT of sense, BUT keyword BUT, Avril walks. He’s unhappy in Detroit, they can’t pay him enough, and he had a terrible season. Therefore, the Lions must draft a top tier pass rusher.

          • Daniel Trawick

            To me it’s a coaching thing. That DL has the most potential and very good talent, just not disciplined at all. I’m sure Avril wants to walk, but they are dumb enough to franchise him again. Just my opinion, but you may be right.

          • JSHAWL

            Well, needing discipline is 100 obvious, and SUH/ Fairley took big steps forward this year. But the rush ends were pitiful. The thing is the Lion’s draft strategy never changes….best player available….Not saying I REEEAlly think it will happen, but there could be 3 QB’s taken Bingo Bango Bongo 1-2-3. Leaving them in the position to take the best DE or CB avail.