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The 2014 NBA All-Star roster has me upset and disgusted.  The politics of the NBA are on full notice this season if you ask me, but who’s asking?  No one is….but, I’ll speak on it anyway.  I will never go against the fans being able to vote their favorite players into the starting lineup.  My problem comes with the selection of the reserves.  I think something has to be done with the process.

It has gotten to the point that I feel that the “coaches” vote on league favorites who are playing well over the unknown guys who are playing great.  Before you try to knock my argument mentioning DeMar DeRozan who was selected and Tim Duncan who wasn’t, just listen.  There are always exceptions, but I believe it’s only there to cover the truth.  And NO, I’m talking any conspiracy theories.  Just speaking on what I see and what I feel. (more…)

When you see the word “witness” nowadays, it seems to have become synonymous with LeBron James and his Nike ads.  This time I’m not referring to LeBron, but instead I’m talking about the history of the NBA.  The Oklahoma City Thunder and New York Knicks have taken a 3-0 lead in their playoff series’ against the Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics, respectively.  No team….I repeat NO TEAM has ever come back from that deficit in playoff history.  Is this the year?

Again….no team has come back from 3-0 out of the 103 series’ that started that way in NBA playoff history.  Only the 1951 Knicks, 1994 Nuggets and 2003 Trail Blazers have come back to tie the series up at 3-3.   (more…)

The 2012-2013 NBA regular season has officially come to an end and the NBA Playoffs are here.  As 98% of the human race expected prior to the season, the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder finished with the top 2 records in the league.  The Heat own the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference and home court advantage throughout the playoffs, while the Thunder own the #1 seed in the Western Conference and home court in the west.

Many of the teams had already clinched their playoffs berths, but teams like the Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Lakers were fighting for a chance in the playoffs.  Others such as the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Clippers, Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks were fighting for important seedings in their respective conferences.  It came down to the last 2 games for all of these teams, so the playoffs started for them earlier this week.

The San Antonio Spurs are stumbling into the playoffs as opposed to last year when they were on a hot streak.  The Lakers behind strong efforts from Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard and Steve Blake fought their way in without the injured Kobe Bryant.  The Nuggets finished strong despite the injury to their “best player” Danilo Gallinari and secured the 3rd seed which helps them avoid a possible 2nd round match-up against the Thunder. (more…)

All is quiet and seems well at the moment.  The Los Angeles Lakers (after a horrible start to the season) are fighting for the 8th spot in the playoffs despite the many injuries the team has faced.  Dwight Howard was one of the players who missed some time due to injuries, but he’s played most of the season through his injuries.  His injuries could have been one of the factors in his play or he could have still been bitter about being traded to LA and not Brooklyn.  This summer he’ll have a chance to go where he “wants” and it could get ugly again.

Many people, including Shaquille O’Neal, are doing a form of recruiting to keep Howard in LA.  Howard seems to have taken note and is starting to come around to the idea, plus the money that comes with signing with them.  Yet, I think he’s going to do a 180, 360 and another 180 before he decides where he goes.

The major factors that will go into Howard’s decision come down to having the best chance to win a championship, money and marketability, in my opinion of course.  Maybe it’s exactly what he’s looking for, but in a different order or maybe it’s not even on his mind that way at all.  Who knows?!

Here are my top 5 choices for Dwight Howard based on what pieces the teams have and available money to spend:




Russell Westbrook is one of the brightest young talents in the NBA, which you can compare to Harvey Dent “Two-Face” of Batman.  Dent was a young district attorney with plenty of potential.  Westbrook has as much potential as any player in the NBA, but there is a battle as to whether he is a point guard or shooting guard.  Many fans of the NBA and fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder look at Westbrook as a villain, because his running mate Kevin Durant is considered a top 3 player in the entire league, yet Westbrook shoots more than he does.  Villain or not, he has the potential to be a hero.

Westbrook is looked at negatively, because he is averaging more field goal attempts per game than Durant.  That doesn’t add up, especially since Durant averages 5 more points per game.  I am one of those people who look at him negatively for that one statistic, but never have I denied how good a player Westbrook is.  Westbrook has to figure out which “face” he is going to play his career as if he wants to be a main factor of his team winning a NBA championship.

There are 2 options that will help Westbrook become a better player, but it won’t necessarily make the Thunder a better team.  It depends on which way he chooses to go. (more…)