The Sports Hound: Final 2013 NBA Mock Draft

The order is the official 2013 NBA Draft order following the NBA draft lottery.

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2013 NBA Mock Draft: Round 1 / Round 2


2013 NBA Mock Draft: Round 1


1. Cleveland Cavaliers Alex Len C – Maryland

With the Cavs showing so much interest in bringing in a veteran SF, I think they’ll look away from Porter.  Len is the best overall prospect in this draft at the big position, this makes sense.  The Cavs are in hot pursuit of a trade for Kevin Love and I think the Timberwovles eventually give in and make the deal.  If not, Len should be the pick…a solid 7 footer with a polished offensive game.

Previous pick: Otto Porter

2. Orlando Magic - Nerlens Noel PF/C – Kentucky

The Magic are working hard to trade for Eric Bledsoe of the Clippers.  That deal probably hinges on the Clips being able to persuade Chris Paul to return, especially with the hiring of Doc Rivers.  Under the proposed deals I’m hearing, Nicholson would be part of the deal leaving the Magic thin at PF.  Noel is the pick here and would start from day 1 and would allow the Magic to look away from Burke.

Previous pick: Trey Burke

3. Washington Wizards - Otto Porter SF – Georgetown

The Wizards could look a few different directions here.  With the top 2 bigs off the board and an aging Okafor and Nene, that would have been the pick.  Ariza is getting paid over $7 million and he doesn’t play at that level, even though he’s a great defender and shooter.  I think Porter is a great fit here and they would possibly look to trade Ariza.

Previous pick: Nerlens Noel

4. Charlotte Bobcats - Ben McLemore SG – Kansas

Isn’t it ironic that the Bobcats have the choice of the 2 top prospects on my board with the 4th pick.  It’s like the basketball God’s set it up perfectly for Jordan not to screw this pick up.  Either take the guard who can do it all in McLemore or the forward who has the best offensive game in the draft in Bennett.  I think they will go with McLemore and let Henderson and/or Gordon go.

5. Phoenix Suns - Victor Oladipo SG – Indiana

Bennett is the best prospect on the board, but the Suns have a pair of twins who came on strong last season and an aging vet in Scola at his position.  Oladipo would give them a solid defensive presence and could benefit from Scola’s passing ability and Dragic’s gunning ability.

6. New Orleans Pelicans - Anthony Bennett PF – UNLV

I still think the Hornets….I mean Pelicans were stupid when they matched the Suns offer for INJURY prone Gordon and set this team back for years simply for not feeling like they let Chris Paul go for nothing.  Davis was the #1 pick for them last season, but Bennett gives them a different look at the position.  With Anderson and Lopez they’ll have a pretty versatile group of bigs.

7. Sacramento Kings - Shabazz Muhammad SG/SF – UCLA

The Kings have too many combo guards and no one who truly plays their position.  To add on that, an undersized PG picked near the end of the 2nd round took their starting job.  Muhammad is a scoring threat that will stretch the floor and open things up for Cousins to work down low.  There will be some trades coming on this team.

Previous pick: Alex Len

8. Detroit Pistons - Trey Burke PG – Michigan

The Pistons have 2 of the best young big men in the league and a very good player in Knight.  Burke is a threat on the perimeter to add with Knight and allow Monroe and Drummond to work on the block.  Also with Calderon and Bynum headed to free agency a PG is needed.

Previous pick: Michael Carter-Williams

9. Minnesota Timberwolves - Cody Zeller PF/C – Indiana

The way Pekovic has played this season, it’s hard to believe he won’t command a solid pay day as a restricted free agent.  He should be a top option to re-sign to keep Love happy so he doesn’t force a trade.  Zeller is protection for the Wolves losing either or both players.

Previous pick: Shabazz Muhammad

10. Portland Trail Blazers - Rudy Gobert C – Cholet/France

With Hickson headed to free agency and not a typical C, Gobert is the perfect fit to join Leonard at the position.  The Blazers have solid players on the team already in Aldridge, Lillard, Batum and Matthews and just need some good coaching to get back to the playoffs in my opinion.

11. Philadelphia 76ers - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope SG – Georgia

The Sixers definitely need a PF/C and there are a few here on the board.  Olynyk is the best fit for this team IMO, but Caldwell-Pope gives them a solid scoring threat who can shoot.  He also is a solid defender and the Sixers don’t have a SG besides Richardson, who I think is on his way to the end of his career.

Previous pick: Kelly Olynyk

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Toronto Raptors) - Kelly Olynyk PF – Gonzaga

Olynyk is the perfect fit for the Thunder.  He gives them an option to dump the ball in the post with a scoring ability and would allow Ibaka to roam like he loves to do.  With the rumors of the Thunder trying to trade Perkins and their draft choices to move up, I think they are targeting Len.  If they can’t make a deal, Olynyk is a great 2nd option.

Previous pick: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

13. Dallas Mavericks - Michael Carter-Williams PG/SG – Syracuse

The Mavs obviously struggled at the PG position last season, having to sign the 38 year old Mike James.  They didn’t get the production they figured they would from Collison and Beaubois.  Carter-Williams has great size and can play both guard positions and create for his teammates.  They also need a solid C, which could end up being picked up through free agency.

Previous pick: Cody Zeller

14. Utah Jazz - C.J. McCollum PG/SG – Lehigh

With both Millsap and Jefferson going into the off-season as free agents, it’s safe to say both won’t be back.  That will open up more minutes for Favors and Kanter.  They could look at adding more youth at either PF or C, but with an older group of guards McCollum’s versatility is too good to pass up.

15. Milwaukee Bucks - Lorenzo Brown PG – North Carolina State

Either Ellis or Jennings will be out the door and after the playoff exit I have a feeling it’s Jennings.  Brown is a solid PG who has some off the ball skills.  I like Brown’s experience over a guy like Larkin who could also be an option.

16. Boston Celtics - Steven Adams C – Pittsburgh

I personally wasn’t a fan of the Melo pick last season.  I believe that Adams is the player they were hoping Melo could be.  With Garnett playing C and almost at the end of his career, the Celtics needed another big man.  Wilcox is also a free agent, but for Melo not being able to sniff the court under those circumstances screams he’s not the guy.

17. Atlanta Hawks - Jamaal Franklin SG – San Diego State

Franklin gives the Hawks another scoring option and he’s one of the best rebounding guards I’ve seen.  They have a lot of free agents going into the off-season and need to fill a lot of holes.  I think they are in the perfect position to make a solid impact in this draft with these 2 picks.

18. Atlanta Hawks (from Houston Rockets) - Gorgui Dieng C – Louisville

Dieng could allow Horford to play his more natural position at PF and give a defensive presence in the middle.  Both Zaza and Petro are free agents this off-season and Dieng would be an immediate upgrade either way.

19. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Los Angeles Lakers) - Shane Larkin PG – Miami

With Livingston headed to free agency and Irving seeming to have a legit injury issue, the Cavs need another PG as insurance.  Larkin proved last season that he has potential to be a very solid PG and he might get a chance to play big minutes next season.

20. Chicago Bulls - Allen Crabbe SG – California

I think the Bulls need to add a solid big man to compliment Noah and Gibson.  Boozer is getting older and he’s too inconsistent at this point in his career.  At the same time, they need someone to score consistently with Rose who’ll be back next season.

21. Utah Jazz (from Golden State Warriors) - Deshaun Thomas SF – Ohio State

It’s so many scenarios for the Jazz this off-season starting with their own free agents. They lose every one of the PG’s and their two starting bigs.  Thomas is one of those glue guys a team needs that I compare what I feel his impact will be to a Draymond Green from last season.

22. Brooklyn Nets - Sergey Karasev SF – Russia

The Nets could go best player available or they could go with a homer pick and take the best Russian who is in this range of prospects.  Karasev is a top foreign prospect and the quick decline of Wallace could make this pick easy.

23. Indiana Pacers - Mason Plumlee PF/C – Duke

The Pacers have West heading into free agency unrestricted and Psycho T is a restricted free agent as well.  Plumlee can be reunited with his big brother as they look towards the future of the position.  West needs to be brought back, but Hansbrough is expendable.

24. New York Knicks - Dennis Schroeder PG – Germany

The Knicks need help in so many different areas.  Carmelo needs help and Chandler obviously isn’t 100% and has plenty of mileage.  They could go with a C, but with Kidd retiring and Felton proving he’s worthless in the playoffs Schroeder is my pick.  A very long guard who has a high ceiling of potential.

25. Los Angeles Clippers - Isaiah Canaan PG – Murray State

I personally think CP3 will walk in free agency and the Clippers will need another PG.  It was smart keeping Bledsoe and not trading him in the end, but they’ll need another option.  Canaan is a solid prospect who could end up starting, especially if the rumors of Bledsoe being on the trading block are true.

26. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Memphis Grizzlies) -  Ricky Ledo SG – Providence

The Timberwolves addressed the big position early in the draft.  They need a scorer on the perimeter and Ledo has an amazing upside to his game.  He also has good size at the position.

Previous pick: Jeff Withey

27. Denver Nuggets - C.J. Leslie SF/PF – NC State

The Nuggets style of play needs to change just a bit if they want to truly compete for a title.  Run and gun doesn’t work in the playoffs and Leslie is the type of player they can feed for scoring opportunities down the stretch.

28. San Antonio Spurs - Tony Mitchell PF – North Texas

The Spurs have a pretty simple formula to their drafting.  They either take an experienced player or a foreign player on a consistent basis.  Blair and Splitter are free agents and Duncan may retire after a possible championship, and so may Ginobili.  They need some big men for the future.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder - Reggie Bullock SG – North Carolina

With the Thunder taking a C with their first pick, they look to sure up the bench with a solid shooter.  They obviously missed Harden last season and Martin is heading into free agency.  Bullock is a solid option here for them.

Previous pick: Lucas Nogueira

30. Phoenix Suns (from Miami Heat) - Brandon Paul SG – Illinois

The Suns can use a guy with Paul’s skill set.  They just don’t have any player like him on their team.  I don’t understand what they want their style of play to be.  I’m high on Paul’s game as you can see from this draft position.



*Atlanta Hawks own the Houston Rockets 1st round pick  (Top 14 protected)

*Charlotte Bobcats own the Portland Trail Blazers 1st round pick  (Top 12 protected)

*Charlotte Bobcats own the Detroit Pistons 1st round pick  (Top 14 protected)

*Chicago Bulls own the Charlotte Bobcats 1st round pick  (Top 12 protected)

*Cleveland Cavaliers own the Miami Heat 1st round pick  (Top 10 protected)

*Cleveland Cavaliers own the Sacramento Kings 1st round pick  (Top 13 protected)

*Cleveland Cavaliers own the right to swap their least favorable 1st round pick with the Los Angeles Lakers

*Houston Rockets own the Dallas Mavericks 1st round pick  (Top 20 protected)

*Oklahoma City Thunder own the Toronto Raptors 1st round pick  (Top 3 protected and 15-30 protected)

*Miami Heat own the Philadelphia 76ers 1st round pick  (Top 14 protected)

*Minnesota Timberwolves own the Memphis Grizzlies 1st round pick  (Top 14 protected)

*Phoenix Suns own the right to swap picks with the Los Angeles Lakers least favorable picks

*Phoenix Suns own the Miami Heat 1st round pick (Top 10 protected) via Cleveland Cavaliers

*Utah Jazz own the Golden State Warriors 1st round pick  (Top 6 protected)