5 Possible Destinations for Michael Vick in 2014

I have one main question on my mind heading into the NFL’s free agency period.  Was Philadelphia Michael Vick’s final destination or will there be another?  It’s tough to decipher such a simple question regarding the 33-year-old QB.  The once real-life version of a “Madden joystick” player is in the past.  Nowadays, we see an aging QB with slower legs and the inability to use his legs to avoid being hurt.  He’s only played one full season in his career, that even being in his elusive days.  So what does the future hold for Vick?

Vick is less than three years removed from signing a 6-year, $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Almost $40 million of that was guaranteed.  After a horrible start to the 2012 season and a late injury, Nick Foles was named the starter for the remainder of the season by former head coach Andy Reid.  The Eagles restructured Vick’s contract during that offseason to 1-year and up to $10 million, mostly incentive based.

In 2013, Vick was again named the starter after a heated preseason competition with Foles.  The Eagles won the first game, then lost three in a row and in the process Vick was injured yet again.  Foles took over and led the Eagles to the playoffs under first year head coach Chip Kelly.  It would be rare for Vick to return after the past two seasons, but stranger things have happened.

(Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Here are 5 possible destinations for Vick this offseason:

1. New York Jets – Rex Ryan managed to keep his job another year.  Geno Smith has some bright spots, but still has much to learn at QB.  The once great offensive line is a shell of what it was and Vick could be that “mobile” QB to help them out.  They still don’t have anyone to throw the ball to, so expect others moves to be made.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – We all know that new coaches normally want their own guy at QB.  Mike Glennon showed some potential last season, but Lovie Smith may want to start fresh.  He said recently that QB may be an option with the 7th pick in the NFL draft.  We also know that Lovie is a defensive minded coach who relies heavily on his RB.  I could see Vick being that stop-gap option for the Bucs.

3. Oakland Raiders – If Al Davis were still alive, this would be a done deal already.  Unfortunately he isn’t,  but the Raiders are in need of another option at QB.  Terrelle Pryor had ups and downs last season and may not be the answer in Oakland.  Matt McGloin even showed a few bright spots, but neither have franchise QB written over them.  Vick would be another stop-gap option if they decide to draft a QB or give Oakland’s crazy fans something to be excited about.

4. Kansas City Chiefs – It’s easy to see the connection here, with Andy Reid giving Vick his second 2nd chance.  Alex Smith’s contract situation could be a deciding factor here, but it depends on how serious Vick is about starting this season.  I think he still has some ability left, but it has to be the right situation.

5. Philadelphia Eagles – My final destination may be where this is starting.  Vick may have trouble landing a starting role on the free agent market and may decide to stay in Philly.  He would be the backup to Foles this time around, but he’ll also be earning a paycheck with a chance of getting back on the field.  This is a last resort, but it could happen.